Design and Planning of Modern Pig Farms

We customize your exclusive pig farm design plan, which makes the planning and construction of pig farms modular, standardized and intelligent, with the characteristics of professional and efficient, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Tailor-Made Pig Farm For You

Zubaba provides customers with comprehensive services including consulting, design, manufacturing, equipment delivery, project installation and commissioning.

Energy Saving

The ratio of meat and feed is reduced by 0.1, natural gas is saved by 30%, floor space is saved by 20%, and power consumption is about 0.4 kWh/sow/day.

Environmental Control

Cooperate with sewage treatment system, air purification system and pig manure treatment system to realize organic recycling and reuse and zero air pollution.

Standardized Production

Implement a batch production system, and carry out standardized control of each production process. Each person easily manages 250 sows and 3000 fattening pigs.

Intelligent Feeding

We offer sow solutions and electronic feeders for each of your production stages. Each feeder is WIFI compatible for rapid data transfer to handheld tablets.


Our completed pig raising projects include new construction, expansion, and large-scale transformation of the following projects:

Mating & Gestation

sow breeding/gestation/farrowing barns (individual & group sow designs)


gilt development/multiplication & boar stud facilities

Weaners & Finisher

wean-to-finish growing sites/nursery pig farms/finishing hog barns (deep & shallow pit designs)


Artificial insemination boar station

Multistorey Pig Production​

Through the managing each floor separately, energy and resources are saved, and disease risks are reduced.

Ventilation Systems

We will design a reasonable ventilation system based to your local climate and environment